Proposal for the Mexican and Latin American Society Committee (2011- 2012)

Proposal for the Mexican and Latin
American Society
Committee (2011- 2012)
Spread and expand the awareness of Latin American culture in areas such as: language, history,
traditions and costumes.
Maintain and develop the bonds between the members of the society, and try to reach out to
those who are not in it.
Organize events and activities bringing together the Latin American community and all other
sections of the University, in order to promote inter-cultural understanding.
Welcome and give a hand to all the people who live in the city of Sheffield, who come from a
Latin American country.
Enhance an all inclusive society, from children to postgraduates.
Plan and provide cultural, social, academic and sports activities for the society as well as for
those around the whole community and ensure all groups can get involved.
Strengthen the bond between other societies and maintain the link with the Union of Students.
1) Keep alive the folk dance group “Son de America”: get support from other Mexican and Latin
American societies around the United Kingdom. Presentations for the society events will be
advertised, informed and promoted by the use of flyers, posters and e-mails.
2) Make a celebration for another year of Mexican Independence Day: organize a dinner party
and use the film unit for documentaries.
3) Continuing with the program '“Travelling around Latin-America”: sharing recipes,
handicrafts, pictures, and films. All this will be done in different ways through workshops,
websites, hand-outs and the use of union film unit.
4) Celebrate the Mexican Revolution: give hand-outs with important information.
5) Include more Latin American countries who wish to celebrate their commemorative dates:
through hand-outs, documentaries or information posted on the blog and magazine.
1) Enhance the relationship between the society and more academic departments: give important
information to those in the Department of Hispanic Studies and the School of Modern Languages
and Linguistics, as well as other departments of the University of Sheffield.
2) Update information for those new incoming students from Latin American countries arriving
at the University of Sheffield.
a) Give a campus tour and send relevant information to them.
b) Update them with the latest information about the UK, as well as guidance for their arrival to
Sheffield in areas such as accommodation, scholarships, telecommunications, information on
banks, etc.
c) Offer information to those who want to take part in the IX Symposium of Mexican Students
and Studies: the society will try to negotiate the transportation (coach hiring).
Social Events:
1) Throw the well known Mexican and Latin American BBQ: First event organized by the new
committee 2011-2012. Creating and enhancing bonds between new and old members of the
2) Mexican and Latin America society will host the party for the Mexican Independence Day:
“Celebrate one more year of independence”.
3) Bowling night: enjoy a good and relaxing night out with the society.
4) Celebration of the day of the dead: making and displaying the altar at the University.
5) To have a gathering in order to celebrate the Mexican Revolution “Un día de revolución”.
6) To celebrate Christmas we will be holding the “Posada Party” (traditional party).
7) Maintain and expand the Conversation Group, getting together weekly at The Interval.
Student Union events
1) Fresher’s fair: advertise the society as much as possible to gain new members.
2) World Food Festival: share Mexican and Latin America cuisine.
3) Advertise and encourage members of the society by giving them information to be part of the
Language Festival.
4) Take part of the international cultural evening.
1) Maintain the football team by encouraging new members to join.
2) A taste of Badminton: the society intends to form mixed teams promoting sports and
3) Laser Quest.
Web Page
1) Make improvements to the Blog web page.
2) Keep updated all those new students through Facebook groups, blog and the magazine.
3) Upload an expense guideline for new Latin American Students coming to the University of
4) Maintain and upload the interviews with the Latin American students who are doing their
research at the University of Sheffield, as well as for those who would like to share their
opinions, interesting articles and news.
Other Aims
1) Enhance the relationship between the CONACYT and keep the link with the Latin American
Embassies around the UK.
2) Keep in contact, support and interact with other Mexican and Latin American societies around
the UK.

miércoles, 20 de abril de 2011

Committee 2011-2012

Mexican and Latin American Society Committee (2011-2012)

Martha Laura Rodriguez Bocanegra


Studying BSc in Economics.

I would like to be president of the Mexican and Latin American society, because when I arrived to Sheffield I felt welcomed and safe in a comfortable environment that I needed for the first few days in the United Kingdom. Through the society I met amazing friends, which totally help me out to settle in faster during my first year at University. Knowing that there were persons from the same country I am from made feel that I was not alone in this journey. All those events and activities reminded me of that piece of home I carry with me, and with that in mind I would love to share it with everyone, so they can know more from where I come from and how amazing Latin American countries are. All the members of the committee will do our best to get everyone involved, from undergraduates to PHDs. We want more people to know that we are here for them and we can offer so much more to the society, so let's make the society grow, the more the better and the merrier.

Abril Oliva Ramírez

BSc Biomedical Science


As a member of the Mexican and Latin American Society I have been able to see all that is done to show to the world the rich history and culture of all Latin American countries, the success it has had in doing so makes me feel very proud of belonging to this Society and is the reason why I would like to become a part of the Society’s committee. Being a part of the committee would allow me to take a more active part in showing all the beautiful things that my beautiful México and Latin America has to offer and try to continue with the excellent reputation the Society has around The University of Sheffield and beyond.

Vivienne Wong


Studying Business Management and Economics

I want to join the Mexican and Latin American committee because I want to promote the society and create more interest in the Latin-American countries. Knowing we can offer so much for this society and make it grow even more gives me a great satisfaction and motivation to be part of the Mexican and Latin American Society.

Sarah Cheung


I am a first year BSc Economics student. Joining the society will enable me to enhance cultural awareness as well as strengthen my capability to work in a team and expand my communication skills. I look forward to working with the team.

Joel Baker

Inclusion Rep

Studying BA Modern Languages (Spanish,Dutch, French).

I would like to be the Inclusion Rep of the Mexican and Latin American Society next year because quite simply I’ve had a great time at the events organized by the Society this year and met some great people at the conversation club every Thursday, and I’d love the opportunity to help more people to get involved in such a great society! I’m also looking forward to getting even more involved myself in something that has made my first year in Sheffield so enjoyable.

Katherine Watts

Studying French and Hispanic Studies

Social Representative

I would like to get more people involved within the society, as I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it in the past year. I have a great interest in different cultures and found that it was an excellent way of meeting people from Spanish and Latin American backgrounds. It would be great to help organise events for the society introducing others to Latin American culture.

Mariana Montes de Oca Moreno

Communications/media officer/webmaster

Foundation in Science and Engineering Sheffield International College

I want to be part of the Mexican Society in Sheffield, because I would like to involve people from other countries to know our culture and the place we are proud to be from. Also to have the experience to work as member of the society meeting people that is interested on my nation. In addition to be in contact with Mexicans as the fact am far away from home.